SAM-BA 2.11

Program and control ARM-based microcontrollers
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Atmel Corporation

Gain access to a set of tools for Atmel SAM3, SAM7, and SAM9 microcontrollers. Perform standard operations such as behaviour modification, standard activity programming, bug tests, and performance monitoring. Create new tasks and patterns for devices.

Atmel SAM-BA software provides an open set of tools for programming the Atmel SAM3, SAM7 and SAM9 ARM-based microcontrollers.
SAM-BA 2.11 for Windows (XP, Vista, Seven editions) - Install file for the SAM-BA package. SAM-BA v2.11 User's Guide is included in the package. SAM-BA 2.11 for Linux- SAM-BA Package for Linux. SAM4S16 Patch for SAM-BA® 2.11
This patch adds support in SAM-BA 2.11 for SAM4S16 microcontrollers.

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